Eastmark Home Builders Mesa Arizona

The 7 Builders At Eastmark are shown on the map below. The Builders homes range from 1573 sq. ft. up to over 5,000 sq. ft. Taylor Morrison Ranges from 1573 sq. ft. starting at $215,990 and moves up to 2936 sq. ft for $272,990. Maracay Homes start at 2302 sq. ft. for $311,00 and goes up to 4152 sq. ft. for $377,000. Maracay features a few unique options such as a Mother In Law suite with a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room of its own. I think this will be a big seller considering many families are moving in together with parents. Meritage Homes start at 3280 sq. ft. $394,900 and go to 5704 sq. ft. for … [Read more...]