Seller’s Checklist

  • Loan Payoff- How much? Do you have a 2nd mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit? That needs to be included in the payoff. Do you have a pre-payment penalty on your loan?
  • Is this an investment home? Maybe a 1031 exchange would be an option to save on taxes. If not an investment home, have you lived there 2 out of the 5 past years? Capital Gains might be an issue.
  • Are you a foreign person? There will be tax consequences when you sell.
  • Getting the house ready to sell: De-clutter, clean, fix any minor issues.
  • The sellers disclosure needs to be filled out to the best of your ability.
  • Please call your insurance company and ask them for a claims history letter. We have to provide this to the buyer showing if there have been any claims on the property.
  • You will need to keep insurance on the property until the day it closes.
  • Warranted Items: Any warranted item needs to be in working order before closing such as a/c, heating, pool equipment, plumbing, and electrical items.
  • Signing will be 3 days prior to closing. This will take place at the title company.
  • The day it records is the day it closes. You will receive your proceeds approx. a day or two after that.
  • You can call utilities and have them turned off for the day of closing.
  • Please leave all keys, garage door openers, mail box keys, pool keys etc. for the new owner. Any manuals to appliances are helpful as well.

Congratulations! You Sold Your House!