Buyer’s Checklist

  • Read Through Contract
  • Will this home be an investment? Should you do a 1031 Exchange to save on capital gains taxes? More on the sellers side, but good info for the future if you sell this house.
  • Inspections: House, Termite, Area, Anything that is important to you
  • Buyer Advisory: Airport, Crime, Pool Laws, Schools, Rural Fire or City Services, Highways, Fissure Area,

    Talk To Neighbors, Drive by house at different time of day/night, Read Through the Sellers Disclosure and Insurance Letters provided

  • Insurance: Check Rates, Insurability, and Flood Zones During Inspection Period
  • Loan: Lock in rate during inspection period, Work with loan officer on documents, have appraisal ordered, Don’t Buy anything during the loan process or open new credit cards
  • Title Company: Deposit Earnest Money, Read through packages they send you, Look at Title Report and HOA CC&R’s within 5 days of receipt, Ask if the seller is a foreign person (this can effect you and the seller), Ways to take title in AZ, Marital Status of buyer.
  • Home Warranty – Look through the brochures and choose the options that will cover your needs.
  • Signing will be 3 days prior to closing. You will need your ID and the cashier’s check or a wire of funds to the title company.
  • Walk Thru – 3 days prior to closing to make sure repairs were made and no further damage has occurred to the house.
  • Utilities – You will want to place utilities in your name for the day of closing. You can call as early as you want to set this up.
  • Closing- Once it has recorded I can give you the keys.

Congratulations! You Made It!