Eastmark Home Builders Mesa Arizona

The 7 Builders At Eastmark are shown on the map below.

Eastmark Map The Builders homes range from 1573 sq. ft. up to over 5,000 sq. ft.

Taylor Morrison Ranges from 1573 sq. ft. starting at $215,990 and moves up to 2936 sq. ft for $272,990.

Maracay Homes start at 2302 sq. ft. for $311,00 and goes up to 4152 sq. ft. for $377,000. Maracay features a few unique options such as a Mother In Law suite with a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room of its own. I think this will be a big seller considering many families are moving in together with parents.

Meritage Homes start at 3280 sq. ft. $394,900 and go to 5704 sq. ft. for $494,900. One of their models has a fitness room connected to the master bathroom with a little sink and fireplace. It was neat to see how they set it up with an eliptical machine and weights. It could also be a nice reading room.

Woodside Homes has 2 different sections. I visited the Signature Series section. Their homes range from 2998 sq. ft. $364,990 to 4353 sq. ft. for $414,990. What was unique about Woodside homes is that they brought features from the Midwest into their floorplans. There is a mudroom from the entry of the garage, they had 2 pantries which were huge and a hobby room right off of the kitchen for arts and crafts, sewing etc. Very different from what you normally see in Arizona. They also showed a Mother In Law guest room which had a living area and bathroom. A kitchen could have been added pretty easily with the space they have in it.

Standard Pacific ranges from 2301 sq. ft. $288,900 to 3464 sq. ft. for $337,900. These homes felt a little more basic but still nice. There was a nice area behind the kitchen in the single level model that had a bar, pantry, laundry room and a lot of storage. This would be similar to a mud room but it wasn’t off of the garage.

I didn’t make it to Mattamy Homes or Ryland Homes on this trip but hope to on my next adventure to Eastmark. Look for future Blogs about the different features and upgrades on each of these bBackyard and Mountain Viewsuilders.

Eastmark Front of Home

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