Arizona 4th in Country for Population Growth – What Does That Mean for the Real Estate Market?

Arizona has had quite a few headlines in the papers lately. The latest one was about our population growth and what that means for our Real Estate Market. Here are highlights from a class I just took with Fletcher Wilcox, Grand Canyon Title Agency.

Arizona’s population is 6.8 million people in 2015 according to the most recent census bureau. They are projecting the population to be 7.5 million by 2020 and 12.1 million by 2050. Our State had a 1.2% population increase from 2014-2015. Pinal County had a 2.5% increase all by themselves. I totally see that because many people are moving out to Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Coolidge, and Maricopa based on the very affordable housing prices.

The Sate of Arizona ranked 4th in all of The U.S. for population gain in 2015. Maricopa County alone was ranked #1 for Net Domestic Migration in all of the United States. That was an increase of 37,670 people last year moving into Maricopa County from another state.

In 2007 and after that, AZ lost 310,000 jobs, but according to 2015 statistics we have gained 310,000 jobs back.

So, what do these numbers mean to the people who live in this great State of Arizona? People are moving here, jobs are coming here, people are retiring here, people are deciding to stay and raise families here after college. These are all great indicators of where we are headed. Our Real Estate Market is keeping up as well. Builders are building new homes, families are upsizing and downsizing and our areas of homes are growing outward (North, South, East and West).  To Read the Entire Article Click Here.

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